BEAT Technology – The Best way for active – passive exercising – Explained

Our BEAT technology (Body Energy Accumulating Technology) enables people with paralysed legs / arms to exercise actively in an easy way – with better results and more satisfaction than exercisers with motor. 

99% Successrate – only 1% needs an exerciser with motor assisted pedals. 

Imagine you have reduced power in any limb, and you are forced to use an exerciser with a motor!

Even with just very little or no power in arms / legs you can exercise smoothly with our Combi Bike Plus Arm / leg exerciser.

AND YOU CAN !  We have a success rate around 99% for all sort of handicaps.Paraplegic, MultipleSclerosis, Incomplete tetraplegics – People that are bound to be permanent wheelchair users.

– And had no way to actively move their own body.