The perfect exercise bike

For wheelchair users and people with reduced mobility

It can be very difficult to be physically active for people who are challenged on mobility and balance, but our new and effective exercise bike helps wheelchair users and people who have a limited walking ability to stimulate the blood circulation and rebuild body and muscle strength, in order to improve the quality of daily life. Our LEMCO Combi Bike makes physical activity possible for everyone.

Our exercise bike can be used by 99% of all users of wheelchairs, and gives a better outcome and is more satisfying to use in comparison with exercise bikes with motor, which typically costs three times the price of our newly developed LEMCO Combi Bike Plus.

Our trainer is the perfect to supplement rehabilitation tool for fast recovery, for faster recovery. The bike can be used for rehabilitation after brain injuries, strokes and also for keeping in shape which is important for the increased number of people with neurological diseases such as: MS – Multiple Sclerosis, Dementia, Parkinsons and other diseases where the body is challenged on the mobility.

The exercise bike can be used at home and in physiotherapies. Its ease of use makes it a popular solution.

LEMCO Combi Bike is standard equipment in many nursery homes in Denmark.

Combi Bike Plus

Our bikes main features:

  • Easy to use for the user
  • Easy to operate for the therapist
  • Ten resistance levels (magnetic)
  • User-friendly rotational lock
  • Stands firmly on the floor due to special feet
  • Wheels with ball bearings for easy movement
  • Simple display with “only” one button
  • Backlit display
  • Display located for easy TV viewing.
  • Velcro-straps that can be controlled with one hand
  • Space-saving design
  • Easy to clean
  • Pedals are designed to facilitate access from the wheelchair.

You don’t need a motor !

When you have tried a LEMCO Combi Bike Plus
you will not be in doubt – this is the one you need.

Nursery homes

Often nursing homes do not have the space or capacity for physiotherapy. 

Our exercise bikes can be used in hallways and in smaller vacant spaces. The exercise does not have to be a solitary experience. It also gives relatives and caregivers the possibility to socialise with the resident during training.

Due to the bikes many advantages it is consequently used in many physiotherapy centers and nursing homes.  


LEMCO COMBI BIKE Plus is used in many private homes as part of the rehabilitation process.

The bike can be used when the assigned hours with a physiotherapist have ended and the patient has moved on to general “maintenance training” and privately funded physiotherapy.

Activity Centers

In activity centres LEMCO Combi Bike is often combined with our video system to show films of beautiful destinations in Denmark as well as the rest of Europe.

The speed of the films are especially appropriate for elderly people, they function as an “experience in the moment”. This means that they also give people with dementia the possibility to experience places they have visited earlier in their life.

Rehabilitation Centers

Our exercise bike is flexible and is used in many rehabilitation centres all over the country.

The design is thoroughly thought through, thus providing great satisfaction to both caregivers and users. The bike’s durability and easy accessibility is unique and not matched by any other exercise bike one the market.   

The bike is produced in Denmark and is durable.


Owners of physiotherapies have often limited training solutions available for people in wheelchairs other than expensive and complicated exercise bikes with a motor. Our arm / leg trainer is the perfect training and space saving solution for this segment of patients, whether they have neurological diseases or other diseases that reduces mobility. 

We have a sucessrate above 98% when our customers are provided with a choice between an exercise bike with a motor and our Combi Bike Plus. 

Communal Housings

Exercise contributes in making residents stronger, and reduces discomfort due to immobility. Our Kinomap exercise video tours are suitable for residents in communal homes and can function as a joint activity that includes conversations about what happens during the tour on video.

Try our bike – You will love it ! 

Having a success rate above 99% you will also experience how easy you can exercise – feel the benefit in your body, almost regardless what disease you may have.

Lemco Combi Bike Plus
Arm Bentræner Manuped LEMCO Combi Bike Plus

The most effective way to train while sitting in a wheelchair or on a  Dining chair !

Moving your limbs is healthy, experience it once again ! 

LEMCO Rehab & Fysio assists people with disabilities worldwide. We develop unique training-solutions that increases quality of life for a large group of people where most other solutions have proven hopeless.

We have many years of experience with the following diseases: MS – Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinsons, Stroke, ALS, Muscle Dystrophy and several sub groups of neurological diseases.

Permanent wheelchair users are at high risk of blood clots in the legs, cold legs, swollen legs, sensory disorders and restless legs or spams in the legs.

It IS a fantastic exercise bike

Several hundreds of clients wordwide have experienced a better life due to the LEMCO Combi Bike.

Our new design appeals to a much broader audience, as features, quality, and safety have been strongly improved from the previous generation.


Easy to use

An exercise bike needs to be effective and easy to use.

We have just one button and require no power from a wall socket.

The bike is almost silent when in use.

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Combi Bike Plus, Lækkert display på træningscyklen

A Fantastic exercise bike !

Typically used 2 x 30 min / day

Lemco Combi Bike Plus

The joy of moving your body again can´ t be described. 

Three editions

We deliver to rehabilitationcenters and individuals worldwide (excluding USA)

Combi Bike Plus uden fodstøtter


Combi Bike Siden 404 square med fodstøtter

With leg support

Combi Bike Siden 404 square med fodstøtter

Leg support and velcro

Arm Legtrainer LEMCO Combi Bike - Best bike for wheelchair use

Easy to operate

Our bike is easy to operate for both the user and the therapist.

The handle to change resistance and lock the rotation of the pedals, can be operated by the therapist from a standing position, while the user can also operate the handle from his or her seated position.

Because the handle is clearly visible from a distance, the therapist can easily monitor the resistance level, without entering the users intimates sphere.

The handles are designed to be easy to operate for the user, as the handle can be operated even without a gripping function of the hand.

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Arm Leg Trainer Combi Bike Plus

Try it
You will love it! 

Our customers “Revive” when they experience that they can more than they thoght – or were told they could. For many, the experience of getting better day by day  is something they have not experienced for years.

Lemco Combi Bike Plus

Accesories for LEMCO COMBI BIKE Plus

The standard edition works perfectly for 85% of our users. Our pedals are very well designed – most people do not require velcro for the feet. If by any chance velcro is needed it can be purchased as accessory.

Leg support

DKK. 995 excl Vat.
DKK. 1.242.75 incl. VAT

Nylatex for the hands

DKK. 200 excl VAT.
DKK. 250 Incl. VAT

Nylatex for the legs

DKK. 200 excl VAT.
DKK. 250 incl VAT

Eternal return policy

At any time you may return the bike, and get a refund, where you only pay for the time you have had the bike as a rental period.

30 years of experience

We have worked with training equipment for wheelchair users for 30 years.
We will be happy to help you as well !

Danish Quality

Our bike is designed and hand built to last for many years.

Design Christoffer Dupont

Our clever designer Christoffer Dupont has helped to construct and design our final bike. He has acquired an enormous knowledge in the area of disability and understands the need for a nice product, durable, easy to clean, and ideal for the theapist to handle.

Combined with a deep understanding of the mechanical aspects of designing exercise equipment for disabled people, the team designs and manufactures world-class exercise equipment for wheelchair users worldwide.

Christoffer Dupont


Hundreds of customers uses already the LEMCO Combi Bike Classic, our new biks is already successfully used in more in than 50 locations in Denmark.

After many years of experience with wheelchair users, we have acquired a large expertise which we used to develop  this bike to all wheelchair users and people with mobility challenges.

We will love to help you as well !

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World Wide Delivery

Our bike can be delivered ready to use – assembled on a Euro Pallet.
Your physiotherapist / Doctor can then advise you how to get the most benefit from the bike.

The bike is so easy to use, that everybody that tries it, knows exactly how to use it within 60 seconds – No programming or cumbersome assembly necessary.

We look forward to helping you!

Contact us for delivery price.

Ask us any question! 

We know our product, and have worked with disabled people for many years, we will be happy to help. 

We can usually evaluate over the phone if you will will be able to use our bike successfully. Having helped people with this trainer for many years, we can usually ask you a few simple questions to find our how well it will work for you. 

We are looking forward to assist you !

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We have got production streamlied and we are now ready to accept orders from outside Denmark

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Training needs to be approved by doctor or physiotherapist.