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Medical CE Mark MDR2020-04-12T18:21:44+00:00

Medical Device Regulation MDR

The product is developed accordingly to the MDR but is currently CE Certified as sporting device (just as many other exercisers used in hospitals)

The bike is not electrically connected to any medical devices, and therefore MDR is not required according to the authorities.

Please contact us (info@lemco.dk)  if you need a Medical version for your purpose, and we will contact you when it becomes available.

How to keep the BedBike clean ?2020-04-12T18:16:54+00:00

How to clean the BedBike

The bed bike is easy to clean. You may use wet wipes and alcohol on all parts.

Do not use liquid alcohol for the display.

The bike is designed to be used in hospitals and clinics / elderly homes, and the hygiene is thought into the products from the beginning.

Weight and Size of the BedBike2020-04-13T17:38:59+00:00

Weight and size of the LEMCO BedBike

The BedBike is lightweight

  • 9.3 kg
  • Handle for carrying
  • Width 39 cm.
  • Height 44 cm.
  • Depth 49 cm.
  • Pedals in aluminium and silicone
  • Maximum continued watt <80 watt

Optional Velcro for feet, but because of our design, seldom needed,.

What if return is required ?2020-04-12T18:32:50+00:00
bed Bike Packaging

Keep the package if return is needed.

We have designed a box and foam specifically for the LEMCO BedBike.

Please keep the packaging in case of need to return the exerciser for service.

Help with freight ?

Feel free to email us at info@lemco.dk, and we will assist in using our carriers to pickup the exerciser for service / return.

Does the Bed Bike fit on all types of beds?2020-04-13T17:35:28+00:00

Our Hospitalbed / bed is special !

During the design period of the exerciser we have evaluated many different hospital beds.

So far we fit on all beds.

  1. Wooden ends
  2. Plastic ends
  3. Curved tube ends
  4. Tube ends

We will be surprised if it does not fit on your bed-end.

Why would I need a Bed Bike?2020-04-13T17:29:32+00:00
Bed Bike for Dialysis

Reduce muscle loss during stay in bed

The Bed Bike can maintain and improve your physical condition – while you lay in a hospital bed.

The Bed Bike is to be attached to foot end of the hospital bed.

The handle of the BedBike is designed in a way which makes it fit perfectly to any foot end
(so far we have not seen any foot ends where it did not fit.)

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