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Can I return the Combi Bike Plus if I need to?2020-04-13T17:37:47+00:00
Combi Bike On Pallet For Shipping

Please place the exerciser on a pallet and strap ti to the pallet.

The LEMCO Combi Bike is made to last for years – even in a professional environment.

Our design goal is 20.000 Hours. ( 6 days / week for 10 years )

So the risk of needing service / return is almost unlikely.

Please contact us for return options.

Can I transport it in my car ?2020-04-13T17:32:46+00:00
Exerciser to bring with a car
Exerciser to bring with a car

Yes, you can carry your exerciser in most cars
– Even a Ford Fiesta !

Some of our customers won’t leave the house without their loved exerciser.

Most cars, where the backseat can be flipped down, can carry the exerciser. Remember to tighten it well. The space on each side can accommodate bags and other holiday stuff easily.

Remember you need to be two non disabled strong men to take it in and out of the car.

The weight is 38 kg, but still two persons are needed.

Do I need a motor ?2020-04-12T18:13:28+00:00

Do I need a motor to use your bike ?

For the last 30 years – exercisers with motor has gained popularity.

We wanted to invent something better. We invented BEAT Technology.

This technology makes it possible for people otherwise bound to choose an expensive exerciser with motor assisted movement, to exercise with ease – even when paralysed in either two legs, one leg and one arm – multiple sclerosis and many more muscular diseases where the first choice has been motor assisted exerting for the last 30 years.

Call us to hear why you dont need a motor !

ONLY 1% of the users of the expensive electrical exercisers need a motor – if they get the choice they choose our Combi Bike Plus with BEAT Technology.

Surprisingly easy to use even with severe disabilities.

Do I need leg support ?2020-04-12T21:10:43+00:00
Leg support for arm / leg exerciser

Leg support to keep the legs in place ?

Yes, we have designed leg supports for the bike. They can be mounted at any time.

Because of the design, most people don’t need leg support – as the legs are kept apart by the white cover.

Please contact us for advice.

Do I need to sit on the Combi Bike?2020-04-12T18:14:40+00:00
Exerciser for wheelchair

You can use a chair or a wheelchair

The Lemco Combi Bike Plus is designed to be used from almost any chair / Wheelchair. Wheelchairs with a fixed frame and even most electrical wheelchairs are possible to be used with the exerciser.

As the developer and expert in the field, we are always ready to consult for specific heights / sizes / handicaps of both the user and the surroundings.

Get more help !

Feel free to email us at info@lemco.dk, and if possible please add a picture of your specific wheelchair, and we will be happy to evaluate how it will work for you.

Do you ship to Australia ?2020-04-13T18:16:42+00:00

Yes. We have customers all over the world.

Size and weight of Combi Bike Plus2020-08-10T10:26:47+00:00

Size and weight.

The Combi Bike Plus Specifications

  • Weight 38 Kg
  • Width 50 cm.
  • Length 110 cm.
  • Height 110 cm.

The bike has small wheels with ball bearings, so you can move the exerciser over s short distance on a firm floor.

Velcro strap for Combi Bike Plus2020-08-10T10:27:34+00:00

Do you have velcro straps for the feet ?

Yes – but …

Having hundreds of customers using our bikes daily / weekly.

We have some people asking for straps, but when they get the bike they realise that it is not needed.

The pedals are prepared for velcro straps

– Please contact our sales department and we will inform you of the options.

What is BEAT Technology ?2020-04-12T15:46:45+00:00

Developed by LEMCO and refined over many years, the BEAT technology enables exercisers without a motor to work like if a motor is helping the legs to turn.

The BEAT Technology enables the following to use our bikes with greater success than exercisers with motor.

  • Paraplegics
  • Quadroplegics (incomplete)
  • Hemiplegics
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Amputees

And many more muscular diseases. Where the exercisers with motor are really beneficial for people who are not able to move any of they limbs, our LEMCO Combi Bike Plus is for the rest.

It works even for amputees !

For more information about BEAT technology please use this link: BEAT Technology

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