Research and studies for arm / leg trainer

It is common sense that moving your body is healthy !

When deprived the ability to move or walk – keeping your body active becomes even more important.

We have collected some research articles of the benefits in this section.

Being able to exercise easily by using minimal force, and experience the feeling of getting better and better is what we provide with our bikes. When you try, you will also be surprised how well they work – compared to the exercisers with motor that have grown popular over the last 30 years.

Cost effective exerciser for wheelchair

Our exerciser is more cost effective than exercisers with motor for the large group of people still having the ability to move just a bit.

Any of the following limbs:

  • An arm
  • A leg
  • Two arms
  • Two legs

Remember that even paraplegics, incomplete tetraplegics, and hemiplegics can exercise with great benefit with Combi Bike Plus due to the newly developed BEAT Technology – only available on LEMCO Combi Bike Plus.

Stroke rehabilitation - How to exercise

Our CombiBike Plus is used for this purpose worldwide. 

Please contact our Experts for advice for your rehabilitation requirements .